Hard Chrome Plating Vs. Decorative Chrome Plating

Hard Chrome Plating Vs. Decorative Chrome Plating

There are various methods through which we can avoid rust, and make objects like plastic, and metal more decorative. Chrome plating is one such example. It is a technique through which you electroplate a thin layer of chromium on plastic and metal substances. This makes the object corrosion resistant. It also makes the object more decorative, pleasing, durable, and increases the hardness of the surface of the object.


Chrome plating is done by experts for different objects. It has a variety of uses. It is mostly done for commercial purposes like motorbikes, and car chrome. You can find a lot of chrome services that will cater to your requirements. If done on a motorbike, it will enhance the exterior parts hence makes the machine parts more durable.

Chrome pile


The main types of Chrome plating are two. Decorative Chrome plating, and Hard Chrome Plating. They have different uses, and can’t take the place of one another. Decorative Chrome plating is used for decorating door handles, tap-ware, architectural fittings, racks, wheels, ad furniture. The base for plating of this kind includes aluminium, copper, alloys, and zinc. It is done to make the object look more attractive.

Hard chrome plating:

Objects wear down over time and become vulnerable to rust. Hard chrome plating is one such technique that comes to your rescue., It is done to increase the durability of the substance. It is used in industrial, and engineering products. In this, a thick layer is applied to the object. You can also find it on motorbikes, and machine parts of the car, and bikes. This increases the durability of the object and saves it from the corrosion by increasing the protective layer.

Hard chrome plating

Which one is better:

Both types have their use, and you can’t say which one is better. It depends on your requirement. If you need Hard chrome plating, Decorative can’t do your work. The former is meant for industrial purposes, but the latter is used for visual purposes. It may not necessarily increase the durability a lot, but hard chrome plating is quite the opposite. Decorative increase the visual appearance of the object, and makes it better in look. However, hard chrome plating is solely meant for increasing durability.


If you are confused about what to choose, then first you have to make sure that you understand your requirements. See what is needed the most; whether you want the decorative purpose or the durability. You will be able to decide in no time once you know what you want. Corrosion is no good for any object, and with Hard chrome plating, you not only can make the object look good but make sure that it is corrosion-resistant. This way the object is protected, and durable.